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Folliculitis/ yellow crusts scalp



guys I have folliculitis on scalp and face. They have this yellow crust. I got it cultured and it came back as normal skin flora no bacteria and no staph. I don't know what to do. I have done minocycline and doxycline which worked temporarily. After the yellow crust falls of then it turns into a flake. SO my skin is very flakey but only where I get the spots. I get them in my beard, near mouth, scalp, near nose.  This is is wrecking my life. I had acne as a teen but it don't look like this at all. Now its crusty pustules. HELP please.


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That's how it looks. All of my pimples crust over and keep crusting over throughout the day. I had acne before on my face but never has this issue with the yellow scabs. These turn into sores basically. I try to moisturize and it helps because if I don't moisturize at all they won't heal and the same pimple can refill itself and crust for over a week.


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GUYS I'm basically clear. I only have to deal with pigmentantion and some scarring. What helped was. Getting a Noxzema classic clean moisturizing with soy. Then I apply bp 10 percent all over face. I do it either once or twice a day. I have aloe vera if there is an area where is dry but I don't moisturize. My skin doesn't feel tight or anything. This is the best my face has looked since August of 2014. I'm like in shock. I was suggested Accutane by three different derms. Two of them were in the first visit. It was that bad. I think its the bp because I had cleaned with Noxzema before and it didn't work. I used bp before like 2 years ago but not consistently and I would spot treat only. Also, I have cleaned my nostrils and ears with hibiclens for staph related lesions/acne/ folliculitis. I still have issues with my scalp. Probably going to cut short and BP 10 percent all over. There is this case of somebody who had folliculitis on scalp for years and started using bp overnight and it cleared. I was hesitant because of the bleaching but I rather look like an N-sync artitst than a leprosy guy from JESUS times

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Basically. Ive been shampooing with benzoyl peroxide wash. Completely cleared my scalp of folliculitis. My lymph nodes shrank too. I didn't even get these results with antibiotics. For my face I use benzoyl peroxide wash too. There is one that is pretty gentle but still has 10 percent in it. Also, it has some oil so it moisturizes at the same time. I'm mad that I didn't figure this out before. My face is clear and my scalp too.

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I have kept using the bp wash as shampoo and cleanser on face. This a miracle. I just went to the barber and got a soccer player type cut with the beard on point. I'm clear guys. I tried retin a, mino, doxy, tetra, sulfur,caveman regimen, filtered water wash, fasting, intermittent fasting, no dairy, tanning, soolantra, oral metrodonizale, clindamycin oral and topical, sulfacematide , pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid, apple cider vinegar, clay masks, desitin. Oil cleansing method. Reality is I have seb derm combined with pustular folliculitis. My BP gets rid of the folliculitis on the scalp and face. I had tried hibiclens too. I did with maybe a little bit of seb derm but I mask it with aloe vera and its all good. My BP wash is 7 bucks and last me 2 weeks .  it costs me 14 dollars a month to be clear. I'm fine treating the symptoms. I can go out drink and eat good without hving to worry. Being slave to BP is better than living like a paranoid monk. Hey my dad has to take pills for his heart and is it the most holistic approach? No but it works. We were all holistic back in Jesus times and the age span was 30 something.

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