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My skin is getting worse...



Hello! Let me tell you some background information. I'm from Venezuela and recently moved to Spain (Barcelona). Since I was 13years old I started getting acne, it wasn't very bad but it was very persistent. Then at the age of 17 it started getting worse, so from mild it went to moderate acne. I tried many products and all that stuff and it only made it worse. So i was really desperate and my derm recommend me using Accutane, very low dosage 30mg, I weight 64kg and my heigh is 174cm, and eventually i went from 30mg to 10mg since my skin did improve and a lot. Well now I'm here in Barcelona, the weather is not good on my skin,  mine is oily but very sensitive. I purchased neutrogena visibly clear face wash spot proofing, because i ran out of my products that i used to use in venezuela, and I think is harsh on my skin. My pores seems to get bigger everyday :c and i dont know what to do... I cleanse only at night due to the product and I moisturize when going to bed. I wash my face in the morning with water and then  moisturize. Well here are some pics of my skin, I would really appreciate if I can get some help. 

Cara victor 1.jpg

Cara victor.jpg


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The pictures do not show any acne or imperfection that is noticeable.  Since you were on accutane, it may be best to stick to a simple routine.  Why risk bringing back acne because of enlarged pores.  

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Hi! Yeah maybe the picture isn't helping. I know I don't have noticeable spots but, if i look very closely in the mirror i have like small little bumps that i didn't use to have, and i ge a little pimple there and there. What would be a simple routine? 

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Are little white bumps appearing on your jawline and forehead....sometimes creeping down your neck?  Sometimes they are hard...and pus filled (whiteheads)?  You should check to see if you have Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis.  I just found out I have it and your symptoms sound the same. Its basically fungal acne, which is not acne at all. 

Fungal acne does not respond to bacterial acne treatment, which is why nothing seems to be working for you. Acne treatment actually aggravates fungal acne..helps it grow. You will need to treat it with anti-fungal medication (oral preferably). Google fungal acne...you'll be blown away.


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Hi! Mostly on my forehead... My neck seems fine. But yeah, my skin doesnt feel smooth on my forehead, when i get out from the shower and look at my pores i can see very very (tiny white heads)? If its fungal acne, how did i got it? should i see a derm?

BTW did u get it in other parts of your body? Because recently i have been getting acne on my hamstrings and tights... Its the first time and i dont know what to do...

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Different ways to get it...but the ones that stick out are excessive sweating (athletes) and long term use of antibiotics (thats how I got it).  You can have it on your face (forehead and jawline especially), neck, back, shoulders, and back of ears. Breakouts on ur thighs and hamstrings sounds more like eczema or psoriasis. .

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