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Week 1




I am a 21 year old female. Up until a few months ago I had 0 acne. I wore foundation, washed my face, put on some moisturizer, and that was it. Starting in November 2018, I had a few late nights which resulted in me sleeping in makeup/not washing my face before bed (on accident). Anyways, my skin started to absolutely explode. I began having huge hard pimples on my chin that I had never encountered before. In high school I was on the cryselle birth control pill which apparently is not very good for acne, but I barely had any acne at all while using clindamycin/BP. I went off birth control about two years ago, so the sudden influx in acne does not seem to be related to that because from what I've researched the peak of acne after discontinuing birth control   is around 9 months. Anyways, the acne is extremely concentrated around my chin area. Since using the epiduo for around 4 weeks (only on my skin, just started using it on the rest of my face) most of my closed comedones have come to the surface and created an absolute purging sort of hell.  Anyways, I graduate towards the end of May, and I am praying for some clear skin by then. By no means do I ask for perfect skin but I would like to be able to smile or brush my teeth without the pain of deep acne flooding my chin. I am also hoping this birth control helps. I was going to go on yaz but the scary stories regarding blood clots steered me away. As annoying as acne is to me, it is not worth that risk. 

On another note, I cannot believe how much this condition has influenced my life. I have never had acne so bad and it is only mild to moderate. I took the days of clear skin for granted. I cannot wait until the day where I don't wake up and automatically feel depressed and defeated from my acne. I am typically a very upbeat and happy person who loves life inside and out. I feel plagued by this condition and I'm feeling so hopeless. If anyone has had success with either epiduo or ortho tri cyclen I would love to hear them.

Anyways, I have been on the birth control for a week and I have not noticed a negative nor positive effect on my acne. Also another side note- I was getting my period every two weeks for extended periods of time and my DHEA- sulfate levels were elevated (all other hormones were normal) which indicates some sort of hormonal imbalance. I am going to the dermatologist next week to discuss possibly going to epiduo forte instead of the regular epiduo. I have pretty hardy skin and I have tolerated the regular epiduo quite well. Has anyone had success with the forte? Let me know! I also use cetaphil face wash and moisturizer. I never exfoliate, and I wear foundation everyday especially now due to the scarring. Ok thats it! Mission get clear before graduation has commenced!


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