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so I've gotten a puppy just a couple of days ago,
my father and i drove 3 hours to get her and 3 hours back home so in total it was six hours in the same car with each other and I've gotta say I'm pretty proud of myself and him cause there was no arguing or annoyance which I'm thankful for, you see... my father and I hardly get along but now we don't fight as much and I don't hate him as much so it's all good but anyways

i named her raven and she's the new addition to my little family aka pets but i don't like to call them pets cause they aren't just pets, their my babies my children my family, therapists, teddies and so much more, they mean a lot to me more than my siblings and parents do and if i lost any of them i'd slowly diminish and crumble because without these guys what is there to live for, cause you can't replace the unreplaceable.

but anyhoo
raven likes to poop and pee a lot anywhere and everywhere cause she's just a very very young pup only 6 weeks going on 7 so she won't be able to contain it until she gets a little older maybe 12 to 14 weeks of age and then she'll be able to hold herself a bit better so that's when training is gonna start.

now I feel complete that I've now got two cats AND and dog, I wanted a dog to have cause I couldn't take the cats for walks since it's too dangerous and other animals will prey on them so when I have a female dog all the male dogs won't attack her and I won't come back crying because I couldn't save her.

so having pets always keeps me calm and stress-free which is good cause then less stress better sleep better skin.


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