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so I've recently gone to the doctors and was put on a medication called isotretinoin 10mg, it's really helped and it also I've changed my skincare routine so it's less drying and more hydrating, it has seemed to work and my skin is clearer than ever before literally, i'm enjoying this and the fact that I can eat almost anything except milk and still have clear skin cause the pill I've been prescribed is amazing.

LIst of products:
  1. ST.IVES Even & Bright pink lemon & mandarin orange scrub61r7XRCUFOL._SY355_.jpgCountdown$10.00
  2. Garnier SKINACTIVE anti-blemish soap-free gel washPURE-ACTIVE-SENSITIVE-GEL-WASH-200ML-724079.jpgKmart$13.00
  3. BENZAC AC 5% moderate strength acne washImage result for BENZAC AC 5% moderate strength acne washCountdown$20.00
  4. Garnier SKINACTIVE bottle which i emptied and filled up with my homemade chamomile tea toner instead.
  5. by nature moisture replenishing Face SerumImage result for by nature moisture replenishing Face SerumWarehouse$10.00
  6. charcoal peel off mask *from the 2dollar shop*
  7. Natures care paw paw lip balm Image result for paw paw lip balmWarehouse$?

List of tools I use:
  1. proactiv facial device $100.00 from life pharmacy with the silicone head $4.00 bought from Kmart which surprisingly fit.Image result for proactiv facial device
  2. Necessities Brand Bath hair towel turban $7.00 from the warehouse which I use for my wet hair.Image result for Necessities Brand Bath hair towel turban
  3. economy paper towels $5.00 from the warehouse which I use to dry my face with instead of using material towels.Image result for economy paper towels
so that's all of it.
next update is my skincare day&night routine





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