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A bit of background on my skin , I first started getting spots at about the age of 13 . Just the odd few pimples here and there , coming up to around 15/16 this is when my skin got bad , I'd get breakouts on the sides of my face and around my chin area , I then decided to go make up free for a while as I thought that this was what was causing it , whilst I wasn't wearing make up I was on an acne antibiotic called lymecycline . My skin did clear up a lot during this period , so I then started to wear make up again , this was when I was on my last two months of this antibiotic and all was good . I then came off these and I did start to break out a while after , but these breakouts were not as bad as before . But then after being of them for a good few months my skin got a lot worse with lots of white heads and black heads on the odd pimples . Its now just covered in pimples down the sides of my face , and lots of whiteheads and blackheads basically all over my face , some more noticeable than others . 

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I just found out I have Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis, which is basically fungal acne... which is not acne at all. Do you get little white bumps appearing on your jawline and forehead ...sometimes creeping down your neck?  They can be hard, in clusters...and pus filled (whiteheads)?  Because u mentioned using antibiotics- which is a major cause of fungal acne- I suggest u Google fungal acne...you'll be blown away.

Fungal acne does not respond to bacterial acne treatment, which is why nothing seems to be working for you. Acne treatment actually aggravates fungal acne..helps it grow. You will need to treat it with anti-fungal medication (oral preferably). Get ur dermatologist to prescribe...u can wash ur face with a dandruff shampoo in the meantime- like Nizoral.

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