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My Daily Regimen



Accutane, Day 27

I would like to share with you the products I use in my routine to combat the negatives that accutane brings. I will be seeing my derm in a few days for my one month review and blood work. Compared to some of the nightmares I have read, I would say I am doing quite well at the moment as far as side effects. My routine consists of one wash per day, before bed.

Face Wash
Dan's cleanser. Full pump. Cold water only. Before and after.

Dan's moisturizer and Dan's AHA+. Half pump each. Mix and add 7-8 drops of Jojoba Oil. I believe it's the AHA that really makes Dan's kit effective. If you're familiar with Dan's regimen, you know what I'm talking about.

I no longer use cetaphil lotions on my face, because it is highly comedogenic, despite their claims. It breaks me out with cystic acne. When I used Dan's full kit, cetaphil worked very well for me. The occasional cyst was worth the needed hydration. But because the lotion sits directly on my skin and not over a layer of toner and benzoyl peroxide gel, the irritation is amplified. Also, I believe accutane changes the chemistry of our skin. What was once beneficial, may have an opposite effect.

Three step process. Apply 2 drops of Jojoba oil to lips using finger tip. Coat lips with balm of choice. My go to is Badger balm tangerine, followed by Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. Lastly, come back later and cover with Aquaphor to lock in the moisture. Touch up throughout the day if needed. DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS!

On a side note, I would recommend asking your derm about antibiotics while on accutane, specifically Bactrim. It is one of the few that is allowed while on accutane. I was granted use for seven days. It saved me. I will explain in a future entry. Just keep in mind, it's always an option for when disaster strikes.


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