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Week 13



Week 13 - Just this week I started doing 20mg at night and 10 in the morning every other day and 10mg at night and 10mg in the morning the rest of the days. I hope to be at 30mg everyday within the next 2weeks. 

So this was the first month that I was cyst free! It felt amazing to go through Christmas and New Years holidays with a cyst free face! I am not sure if my antibiotics from my kidney infection and then for after my surgery helped bring cyst free cause after being off of them for a week I got a inflammatory bump that didn't quite turn into a cyst or zit but was definitely trying to. I dunno, this could have been from missing 2 days of accutane because I forgot to pack it when I went out of town and or the fact that the 2 nights before I got the somewhat bump I woke up in a pool of my own drool stuck to my chin. Who knows, but I thought it was time to up it. Hopefully when I see my doctor at the end of the month she will agree. When I saw her 2 weeks ago, she mentioned if i'm clear at 6 months she is thinking of taking me off accutane. I definitely expressed my dislikeo of that idea and not wanting to do that so she said we can negotiate that when the time comes. I'm thinking the fact I still got a bump will help convince her to up me slightly so that I can be at least at the recommended dosage for my weight and cut my length to 8ish months.  I still have redness and a white scar area from past cysts and I wish it would look a little better without make-up but oh well, I'm happy. I still get almost sweat teeny tiny bumps but they go away quickly as long as I don't pick them. 

I can not tell you the freedom and emotional strength that has occurred with being cyst free. While I still need to work on self-confidence, it is SOOO much easier to do being cyst free! I feel so free. I know it's not without it's side effects, the dry skin and tired dry eyes are pretty bad but nothing horrible. OVerall, I'm just so thankful. 


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