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Exfoliate flaking skin and lips



Day 17 on accutane, 40mg/day. Lips and skin are still in good shape as for dryness, but would like to be prepared for when the time comes. Been using Dan's AHA lotion for about a week now so I suspect flaking will come soon.

Please share your approach to gently exfoliating flaking skin such as salt scrub for the lips.

I will continue to update, research and share my successes while on the path to acne free. Thanks for reading and please share your experiences!

*** UPDATE 1/9, Day 22***

I used a microfiber cloth to exfoliate my skin and it worked like a charm. Saturate your face and cloth with warm water and let the dry skin become nice and plump. Take your microfiber cloth and GENTLY rub in a circular motion over problem areas. Voila, dry skin is gone. My face was a little red, but shiny. Moisturize and you'll be good as new by morning.

Haven't needed to do the lips yet. Still in good shape. Maybe by the weekend. I do however have a plan for the lips. Get yourself some Vaseline and Epsom salt. Mix on a finger or two and rub onto lips. I'll let you know how it goes once I get there.

*** UPDATE 1/14, Day 27***

Got a good strategy to exfoliate dry, peeling lips. Forget the Epsom salt. Get your Vaseline and a soft bristle tooth brush. Coat lips with Vaseline and gently brush lips in a circular motion. Works pretty well. Soften the bristles with warm water. Keep a dedicated brush for this purpose only. Use your balm!

Made the mistake of going to bed on Friday without prepping the lips. Started cracking/peeling for the first time being on accutane. I was forced to use the brush method. Hopefully my lips will recover. I hate having my lips coated with goo all day. I guess it's better than blood and peeling.

As for my skin, it looks like I'll be using the microfiber cloth once a week. It works well and keeps the dry skin under control. 




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