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Accutane at 21

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Starting accutane 21M from London



I started accutane early this month (Dec 4th 2017) and i'm going to give brief updates for everyone. My keyboard is playing up so forgive the typos
im 21 Male and weigh 77kg

So, I've had acne since 11yrs old, and it got considerably worse since the ages of 15 to now. I tried benzyol peroxide at 16, and this had done nothing, except control the whiteheads on chin and forehead. After this I was prescribed doxcycline 100mg which i kept taking for four years until December 2016 (as well as try several topicals both natural and medical during these years), and a few times with the GP asked for another set of antibiotics and was refused, as they said they can see my acne was considerably better (even though this was a GP i had never seen before, so not sure how she could make that judgement). Anyways, I took myself off doxcycline, and experienced no difference in skin even coming off it, and it was an absolute waste of time and probably health, and i hadn't bothered going back to the GP since 2015 (my doxcycline was a repeat prescription ,so i didn't need t o have appointments each time the pills ran out).

The past few months my acne has shown no signs of slowing down, and i have tried oils, more benzyol peroxide, vitamin c serums, exfoliants etc, and was convinced only accutane would work. I had experienced some disgusting cysts on my front cheeks recently, and the amount of puss and blood that drained i had never experienced in almost 11 years of acne, which is saying something.

I live in the UK and decided to go private, and simply gave my nearest dermatologist a call, and was booked in for the following week. All the while i was reading forums on this website, with the majority claiming how acne is some horror drug, and ruins your life forever, but either way, acne was ruining my life anyway so what the hell right? Contrary to the perception that accutane is hard to obtain, my experience was the most simple thing I could have done.

I went to my derm appointment, and when i got in the doctor was taking notes and asking me about my acne history, and asked to see my back and face up close, which is not as bad as i thought it would be. He said i had completed the stage 1 of treatment for acne, and i can choose whether to move on to stage 2 or skip to stage 3. Before I could even ask for accutane, he basically recommended me to take it, and seemed as though he was pushing for me to accept this medication, instead of the other alternatives thankfully.

Anyway the costs of this were:
£105 consultation
£65 blood test
£95.50 for 110x 20mg capsules (this will last me two month, 40mg the first and 60mg the second daily)
£105 for next consultation in 2 months and £65 again for second blood test

Midway through week 3 now, and the only side effects are nosebleeds occasionaly, and dry skin, but i use aquaphor and oil my face with safflower oil ,and moisturise with shea butter, and its completley fine.
In the first few days of accutane, my nose became really rough and grainy, which were the blackheads drying up, and in the past few days, they have been flaking off and is so smooth now. The whiteheads that usually pop up on my foreheads, and makes it look really rough went away during the second week, and it is now smooth as anything. I up my dosage to 60mg on the 3rd Jan


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On 12/29/2017 at 1:56 PM, uk21` said:

some horror drug, and ruins your life forever, but either way, acne was ruining my life anyway so what the hell right?

totally relatable! Im starting accutane too (as a last resort)..

also I understand the cost involved too but its worth it, right?

thanks for sharing. hope to hear more that youve got clear skin from accutane


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I'm sure in the long run it is worth the money. Knowing that you will only have acne for another 4-5 months is great, however, whenever my skin gets clear, I see hyper pigmentation, and large pores that I never really noticed before, and this makes your skin still seem as though you have acne which is annoying. In total this treatment will cost you around £700 which is worth the try anyway. 

I'm on week 6 now, and I broke out with a few pimples that inflames a large part of the surrounding area, i'm thinking this happened because I used a moisturiser that was meant for the body on my face, to give it some extra hydration. Had to take a day off work because of the inflammation the pimples caused ffs. 

Overall my skin texture doesn't look great at all, I had to take a passport photo a few days ago (before the breakout), and I was thinking that morning looking in the mirror, that my skin was starting to improve a lot, then the lighting showed all the pigmentation, which makes my face still look active and red. Depressing week overall, mainly because ive realised that even if accutane rids all acne, and new acne, my skin may never look as clear or healthy as it once did. Now i'm regretting that I left taking accutane this long, as in the past year i've had acne that has left the most scars and pigmentation; although there's a good chance they can all heal, but will take around a year after coming off accutane, provided new acne doesn't return.

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from what Ive heard of success on accutane, it takes until month 4 or even 5 to see clear skin

I think you're better off starting at 21 though. Ive waited until now at 26 and I wish I started at 22 (when my acne started World War II on my face and since hasnt let up).

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