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First Two Months on Spirolactone

Hello! My name is Zoë and I’m 15. Before I start talking about the effects of this medication,I will start off with talking about the medication and later about my skin before I started taking it. When I first picked up the bottle of spirolactone from the pharmacy, I thought it was just another antibiotic. I had no idea about a peak breakout or that it takes three months to even begin to kick in. I wish I knew these things before I agreed to take it, so this blog is not only for me to track my progress, but also for people who are thinking about taking it or taking it already who could use some information. I have been on spirolactone for about two months now. (I am also taking acidophilus supplments. I can do an entry on that if you want) the first few weeks of being on spiro, I didn’t notice much. Nothing was better, and nothing was worse. After a month, my skin broke out badly. All over. Before spiro, I pretty much only broke out on my chin. Now at the two month mark,it’s in areas that haven’t broken out in years. All over my cheeks and forehead, and my chin as usual. My skin hasn’t been like this since the 5th grade. And now In the 9th grade, I feel like all I’ve done to keep my acne under control has been for nothing. All of it has come back just over the course of a couple days. My skin also gets these dark red marks after a blemish goes away. So it’s like the blemish never left. These are al over my jawline and cheeks. I contiplated giving up on the meds because I’m not sure how much patience I have left in me, but I only have about two weeks of pills left in the bottle so I’m going to reach the three month mark, and go from there. If my skin has not changed or is worse by that point, then RIP my self esteem and I’m going to ask my dermatologist for about the fourth time about birth control. If it improves, then I’ll get a refill and continue this blog. Keep in mind, everyone’s skin is different. Mine just happens to suck. Your experience might be a lot better than mine. This is just for some input from someone who has had experience. I hope this blog helps, and I’ll update next week. :) 


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