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my acne journey so far



Severe acne sadly runs in my family, so I already had the genetic part against me. I started getting acne at just 10 years old but it got really bad right before my 11th birthday. It was so bad I asked to go to the dermatologist for my birthday, Ive been going to the same one since. At the time they just gave me a sulfur face wash and some moisturizer, and it continued to get worse. So when I went to stay with family in Mexico for a few months I saw a dermatologist there and they started me on Tetralysal 150mg everyday.  It worked extremely well and i saw results in as soon as a week, my face was almost completely clear except for my scars and some occasional spots. But after a couple months I ran out. My dermatologist here in the states said that she couldn't prescribe me it because its not legal or something? it was a big bummer. After that she started me on minocycline 100mg, that worked really well for about 4 months. My skin sort of got used to it and started producing more oil and I started to break out again, as if i wasn't taking anything. After that at 14 I started taking birth control and I hated it. I barely saw a difference in my skin and I became depressed and started to gain a bunch of weight because my hormones were going crazy. On top of the minocyline and the birth control I was using the topical treatment Adapalene .3% which I love and recommend. About 3 weeks ago I started taking Spironolactone 25mg twice a day. And so far i wish i had just stuck with the minocycline and raised the dosage. I will try to do weekly/monthly entries with my results.  


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