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Start of Month 4!



Alright. Month 4 is on its way. Honestly, I'm feeling incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. Like, I just want to leave my body. Red marks are persistent but I was prescribed some stuff for active acne which is helping with red marks on my face. The texture of my skin feels so thin and tight too. In terms of clearing up, like, I don't notice that big of a difference. It's just worse than it's been, at least on my face and chest. My back, is maybe clearing up? I can't really tell because i can still feel pimples underneath my skin. So all in all after now completing three months I'm not feeling as optimistic. Like, I really want this to start working, or at least see it start working. My confidence I can't say is lower but i'm soooo body-conscious at the moment, it just doesn't feel like me. I was really hoping when i started epuris that I could be finished by the end of four months and I'm not sure that's going to happen; in fact, I'm worried that I'll be on this for months longer than I want to. This just isn't what I wanted to be going through at this age, an age where I'm supposed to be enjoying everything. Like, I love living care free but it's really hard when not only do you have acne or anything like that but when you actually aren't comfortable in your skin. It's very debilitating. But honestly like I can't say my quality of life has been any worse, so there's that. Just please work stupid medication. Please please please please please. 


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