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Month 2 - Mid Week 5



Hey. So I went for a checkup today. Blood tests are fine, which i was worried about due to some fun nights drinking. Great. But i'm honestly having the worst breakouts on my forehead I've ever had. Literally the one thing that I was worried about happening on Epuris is happening. And it sucks. But whatever, I'm sticking through it and taking it as a learning experience. Writing always helps. Also if I exert my personality and confidence with a breakout on my forehead then honestly when it finally clears i'll be so happy and maybe even more confident! But because of these breakouts my doctor subscribed me taro-clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide. As a long-time acne sufferer i know benzoyl peroxide, which definitely temporarily helps with breakouts, so hopefully that will mitigate some of these annoying pimples. My chest is still pretty bad and breaking out constantly. My back is getting not bad, I still see comedomes and feel things underneath the skin though. Face is obviously not ideal, and it's especially disheartening because my face was always pretty fine. Nose bleeds have been happening. Dryness has been happening but i bought jojoba oil which seeems to be sweeet. Anywasy, thanks!


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