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Week 6



Hey everyone - I am a 30 y/o female that is very new to acne.  Prior to a few months back, I had nearly perfect skin with a minor breakout every now and then.  I went from never even thinking about the skin on my face to not being able to think about anything else!  Acne has stolen all of my confidence and self-esteem!

Anyways, a few months back I started getting more than one breakout at a time.  I was a little worried but also under a lot of stress so didn't think much of it.  Then, all of a sudden, I started to notice these little bumps under my skin.  They would never turn into a pimple, but if I squeezed them, stuff would come out.  So the first couple I got I just squeezed and moved on.  Then, what seemed like over night, they were all over my cheeks!  I panicked and booked an appointment with a dermatologist right away.  Turns out, I have very clogged pores.  She prescribed me doxycycline (75mg a day) and epiduo forte to put on at night.  

After doing some online research, I understood that with the epiduo, things were likely going to get worse before they got better.  However, I am now on week 6 and my face is worse than EVER before.  I am talking multiple new cysts each morning, new whiteheads each morning, and still little bumps everywhere.  

I am hoping someone who has seen results with epiduo and an oral antibiotic could give me their thoughts!  Has anyone else experienced this?

I will put some photos from week 3-6 in my gallery.












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Epiduo is a combination of differin and benzac. I have never used it but I am experiencing differin and benzac. For the first 4 weeks, life is miserable of getting new acne daily. Until the week 12th of using differin, things slightly get better. Well....it is better than before but I am still not happy with the result. Now, I am on week 20....Anyway, I didn't take any antibiotic. So, I think it is normal to have new pimples for the first 12 weeks and them you can decide if you are happy with the result or not.

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