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Guess I'll start over



Well its been what, 5 days now and guess what - ive picked. Of course. Havent had a "picking spree" but will admit that I have picked. Yep. Failed yet again. Should have known. Honestly though, I did try. So here I am, starting over again with the no picking thing. Lets just try for a week. Lets see if i can go until Friday night without picking. Ugh its so hard though. So easy to think to yourself, "ok, no picking this week" so easy to give yourself false hope, yet so hard to actually do it in real life. Its not easy to be fighting yourself. On one hand theres the part of me thats like "just go ahead, its one little spot just handle it and it will go away. Youre making it better, just do it, its not a big deal." Then the other side is like "Dont do it!!!! Stop! Pleaseee dont." And here i am caught in the middle. So, i picked a little tonight. Just some usual daily maintenance (if you can call it that). As of tomorrow morning, i am doing an experiment. One week (not even a full week, just a work week!). Lets see if i can outsmart myself. On another note, just tried using aspirin on the face and i must say it does work, for basic, easy little spots. Flattens em right out. Takes away all the swelling. So thats one good thing!


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