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Month 2 Week 2



Hey! In the second week of month 3. I think I'm probably having the worst breakouts I've had so far on epuris. My back seems to be getting mildly better (?), my chest is still pretty bad, and my face is breaking out like never before, which is to say the least dissipointing. I'm definitely noticing a self-consciousness as I'm afraid to look at people in the eyes when I'm talking to them because then I might catch them looking at my blemishes. My roomate keeps mentioning that I need to "drink more water" not knowing that I'm on antibiotics, and thinking that drinking more water actually does anything for acne, coming from a dude who has absolutely none. But honestly, it might seem like I'm in a bad place, but I'm not. I'm still very happy with who I am inside, and the outside may not reflect how I feel but I still feel at peace with myself no matter the consequence. Side effects at tthe moment are a really dry left nostril, to the point that I have a cut on it. Dry lips. Healing factor is way down. Some achy bones and tiredness. Breakouts on forehead and sides of head. And I think that's it. I'm now starting to dedicate a little more time to a routine which involves, before bed, taking a shower, putting on witch hazel toner, coconut oil and lemon essential oil, and then tea tree oil for problem areas on the face. This has seemed to keep bigger breakouts at bay, as long as I keep it up. I met a girl so I haven't been wanting to do all this in front of her. Regardless I'm really confident these bad days are going to pass and i'm looking forward to the good ones! Chow for now!


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