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Most of week 7 - argh

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Well I decided to write early because well, it's my birthday and what did I wake up to? A nice big, painful, deeply inflammed spot. Almost a month exactly since my last cyst. Didn't quite make it from period to period. I don't know whether to BP it or just leave it or what. I'm pretty disappointed. I was SOOOO hoping I was done with this. It doesn't seem as much of a solid nodule as before but who knows what time will bring. I realize it is only week 7 and break outs are still common and such but ARGH I hate this rollercoaster. One day my skin feels covered in teeny tiny pin needle bumps, the next it looks pretty good. Also, my hands broke out in a really bad rash and now are scaled over. It's mentally difficult to think the thing i'm on this drug to stop is still happening and yet I'm having these crappy side effects. Overall, I know it's helped, just not quite enough yet. I'm trying to have hope. I'm trying to tell myself,  just give it one more month. 
Other side effects are the same; dry lips and tired/dry eyes. Mood was pretty good since last week's drop but with this new cyst I'm feeling a bit down, not like last week though. 

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