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It's late at night Monday, so its really Tuesday so to keep the math simple in the future, its going to be day 2 and I started on Sunday. I'm back a year and a half later STILL WITH BAD SKIN. I really have to have decent skin going into college because I can't be hiding in makeup 24/7. 

Some things I have learned about my skin in the past year and a half:
-My acne is most likely hormonal. I have noticed this because of when it occurs worst as well as the fact that it is mostly on my cheeks and jawline. 
-I don't have oily skin (especially after what I've been doing with spearmint tea, continued below) so i need to target products other than just "oil stoppers". 

If you have suggestions for me keep this in mind:
-Money is not a problem when it comes to skincare for me. I am so desperate for something to help my skin ANY SUGGESTION will be taken into consideration no matter how pricey. Good skin is priceless. 
-I have worn out my dermatologist with all pills and creams besides Accutane, so I am exploring my options of what else is out there.
-I am trying to not have to go on birth control, I want to solve this skin issue on my own.

Because I am almost certain a big acne problem of mine is hormonal, I have been drinking a cup of spearmint tea everyday because that is supposed to help it. They recommend drinking 2 cups per day, but i did a month with just now cup and I have noticed less painful jawline, under the skin, cysts. As of yesterday (Sunday) I started drinking a cup in the morning, and one at night. Hopefully I'll see double the results.
My skin is slightly dry from my evening spot treatment, so I was the remaining ~crust~
I use a light moisturizer and then I go in with the makeup I am wearing for the day. I do primer (Smashbox photofinish primer) and then foundation. I try to use the IT Cosmetics CC cream because it is lighter and better for your skin, but I do use the clinique 2 in 1 foundation if my skin looks really bad or I'm going to a party or something. 

I use Clinique "Take the Day Off" cleansing balm to get my makeup off then I put a mask on and jump in the shower  or just jump in the shower and use Noxzema. Then once I'm out I use the same lotion as the morning and then I go live my life. Then, before I go to bed, I use Mario Badescu Chamomile Night Cream and then some MB buffering lotion, drying lotion, and special healing powder on the places that need each specific product. 

Throughout the day I use the Mario Badescu rosewater spray to keep my skin fresh. (I am slightly obsessed with Mario Badescu).

Attatched is my skin starting out:

Image-1 2.jpg


New Note.jpeg

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You should check to see if you have Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis.  I just found out I have it, and your symptoms sound the same. Its basically fungal acne, which is not acne at all. 

Are the little bumps sore, itchy...and appearing on your jawline and forehead....sometimes creeping down your neck?  Sometimes they are hard...and pus filled (whiteheads)?  Fungal acne does not respond to bacterial acne treatment, which is why nothing seems to be working for you. Acne treatment actually aggravates fungal acne..helps it grow. You will need to treat it with anti-fungal medication (oral preferably). Google fungal acne.....it will give you hope!

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