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Spironolactone- 3 Month Update (90 Days In)



Hi guys! I just went to my 3 month Dermatologist appointment last week. This was my first time there since I got prescribed my medications. She ended up telling me we probably didn't need to reschedule and I am guessing that is because she really thinks I am on a good treatment plan. No, I still am not clear. I have seen definite progress and reduction in acne, but I still get pimples pretty often.  I still have small pimples on my forehead, a couple nasty ones on my right cheek, and some random ones in other places. It is much improved, but I still would say I have acne and not a few pimples.

When I went to my appointment, she said we could up the dose if my blood pressure was at a healthy number. I was textbook perfect for my blood pressure three months in. I upped my dose to 150 MG from 100. I am confident this will knock out my acne completely by Month 6... I hope sooner! 

She gave me the option of adding a new topical or an antibiotic to speed up the process. I am proud of myself for saying NO. One month ago I would have for sure taken her up on that. I am trying to learn patience and I think I can wait this out. One month ago, I would say my acne was significantly worse. 

I am so so happy I hit the 3 month mark. This is when the work should really start kicking in. I have been saying lots of positive affirmations and learning a lot about myself dealing with acne again. I have finally tried to see a positive side to this. I now know that my boyfriend still loves me with bad acne, I am still beautiful and strong, and I know that quitting my birth control was a big reason for my acne returning. Speaking of birth control, I love my Orthto Tri Cyclen. I feel so happy and stable compared to the Nuvaring. I am in the middle of my second pack of the pills, and I have had a pretty small initial breakout. My emotional stability was worth the switch. I can't wait to see how this combo continues to work in the next 2-3 months. I can do this!

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Hi MissOptimistic! I was just wondering how your skin has been since this last post? Have you improved even more and is it clear? I am 32 years old and currently on Spiro too (started out on a low dose at the end of October and I just upped it to 100 mg for almost a month now) but I am still in the stage of breaking out and am feeling completely hopeless. I feel like my skin is worse since starting the Spiro. I’m super depressed and having a hard time making myself eat. My acne is not severe... it’s more inflammatory. It’s mainly on my forehead. but my forehead is completely covered! Like as soon as one heals I get like 3/4 new the next day. I have a few deeper ones down by my chin that are just hanging out and will not go away or dissolve. And I have some on my temples and cheeks here and there. If you could let me know how things are going for you on the spiro I’d be grateful for the encouragement. Thanks!

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