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first blog



hi there I'm indianna and welcome to my first blog.I decided to start a blog because I feel like expressing things is good and maybe I'll be able to help those who are struggling like me.
I'm gonna tell you about myself so you feel more comfortable with trusting me, my name is indianna amelia hill, I'm a 14yr old girl and I struggle with ACNE ughhh just thinking about it makes me self-conscious but I wanna make a change and so I'm gonna change by starting this blog I'll be able to see and improve both mine and maybe others lives just by blogging about basically all my skin issues and products/routines so I can maybe find a solution to it and stick to it forever instead of having to change continuously because of stuff like the lack of money, the absence of the specific products in stores, the time taken and the effects left behind.

now ever since I got my first ever period age 11 yeah sucks to be a girl when your period comes cause then that's when hormones and growth spurt comes, when I got my period I started to develop acne and by the age of 12 I'd became a full-on pizza face with scars, scabs, spots, and dots everywhere, now I'm not a pizza face anymore but I've come of the age of 14 and recently changed almost everything and my skins been okayish I'd say considering that the scars are gone there are no more scabs but I still do get spots here and there and that irritates me cause they are kinda annoying noticeable dickheads that take ages to go away kinda like the drunk aged old man whos married btw and likes to sweet talk me in front of his wife at the supermarket but fails and takes ages till he leaves me alone(yeah that's the way I'm describing my spots) but anyways I just want and wish I could reverse all those times my mother and I spent lots of money on shit that doesn't work and just saved that money for the stuff that does work *just so you know I haven't yet found an amazing product I've just been using one that keeps some of the acne away*.

so um well I hope you enjoy I'm gonna be posting more blogs on like the products I'm currently using and the routine I am on plus my diet and eating.
Salute soldiers :smileys_n_people_91:


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