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Month 1 - Week 2



Hey hey hey. On Month 2, week 2 of my epuris journey. I don't know, I'm not really noticing too much of a change yet. I guess I notice that the top of my back, which typically broke out more, is definitely not as much. My face is breaking out in two spots in particular and usually like little blackheads then they become little pimples, not too noticeable but enough to be annoying. I have been cutting back on showers and usually am taking about one a day. I notice the drying effects on my lips especially, oh man, they're peeling and even putting lip chap will just have the chap stick to the skin and leave whatever colour very obvious on my lips, so I've been putting blistex then getting the dead skin off my lips so i don't have disgusting lips. My face is getting pretty dry, which helps with the breakouts, but makes my face really ouch, so I'll moisturize if I really need. Not as many breakouts at the back of my neck. Noticing more breakouts at the bottom of my back, like very under the skin deep pimples that don't come to a head. I don't know if that's good or bad but it just is. Definitely getting a little discouraged though at not seeing any significant improvement, hoping some comes soon.  


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