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Weeks 1-3

Hey everyone,
Just going to repost the description details in case anyone missed it and wanted the info:
A few important details of my Accutane journey:

  • 33 years old, 125pounds/56kg/ 5' 6"
  • Starting off at 10mg
  • Started taking Dianne 35 after realizing Alesse (which I started a few months ago) made my breakouts much much worse. 
  • Been suffering from hormonal cystic acne for just over 10 years now. At first it was a couple a year and progressively has gotten to the point where it's continuous with a couple a month, sometimes multiple at the same time. 
  •  I have tried Birth control, many types of antibiotics, over the counter topical stuff, prescription topical stuff, changing my diet (I have been dairy free for many years now and mostly eat all organic). I have even tried spirolactone, which I had good results with but the side effects even from the low dose of 25mg were too much for me and I went off of it. I had all day everyday nausea and also lost all my sex drive. When I went off of it, I gained close to 15 pounds and got cellulite on my lower thighs.  However if worse comes to worse after Accutane, I will go back on at a lower dose and see how it goes.

I will combine these first weeks, as I didn't think I would share my journey but finding others logs so helpful I decided to as well. 

Week 1: 10mg
I noticed within a few days my oil production in my face and hair decreased. I could finally get out of the shower after washing my hair and not have greasy hair! My lips are quite chapped and I have found the only thing that is helping is vaseline or Bioderm chapstick. Burts bees and blistex and others are not enough. Blackheads are coming to the surface and easy scraped away. I noticed the white gunk that has been in places for years coming to the surface. At the end of this week, I got a skin infection in one of the cysts I had before starting and was put on antibiotics and antibacterial facial cream. I also got a kidney infection and was put on more antibiotics. That was a fun long weekend away with my boyfriend spent with a freakin bandaid on my face! So can't wait for the days when I don't have to deal with this. 

Week 2: 10mg
Lips are quite chapped. The BioDerm chapstick is my saviour! oil production is varying, never as bad as before, but some days are more than others. A new cyst forming but smaller. this may be due to the cream and massive amounts of antibiotics i'm taking. It seemed like I was about to get another cyst but it got stopped in its tracks. I'm so hoping I don't get another cyst! 

Week 3: 10mg till day 17 then 20mg (10mg in the morning and 10 at night. Has anyone else heard/read that two daily doses versus one daily dose is better?)
Went off antibiotics and of course another cyst pops up. I didn't think it would be so bad cause it wasn't as angry red as usual but nope, it got bigger than a pencil eraser and was such a swollen lump. Another weekend trying not to let it affect my time with loved ones. I hate how it does though. It has gone down and is flaking a lot faster than it normally would. On a positive note, the rest of my skin looks pretty amazing. All the pores have shrunk and besides my chin, I'm loving how i'm looking without make-up! I hope, hope, hope that was my last cyst. 
Lips are still chapped and I expect them to be for this whole time. Eyes are a bit dry too, but nothing that eye drops can't fix. I've noticed a bit of joint pain in my knee but it's gone down now. 

I see my Doc at the end of the week and I am hoping to up my dosage to 30 or 40mg but I do not want to have a bad breakout and I feel like I risk that the higher the dose I go. 

Here's to hope for all of us on this journey! 


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