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Start of Month 2!



Hey, so now I'm on to month 2 on epuris. I've been upped my dosage to 80 mg a day, which is fairly high, but makes sense for my body weight and height (175 llbs and 6 "3). I'm excited, mostly because I think it will be over faster the higher dose I go. What I've noticed now that I am done is my healing factor going down, so cuts or pimples are not healing as fast and leaving rather tedious and annoying dead skin/scars. I'm getting more breakouts on my forehead, which was always annoying before epuris, but not as frequent not that I'm on it, I figure I am probably purging anything left. My back has been foregoing more change and less breakouts, but my chest is breaking out more, which was the reason I decided to go on epuris, because I had never experienced bad breakouts until right before I started. I've also been cutting back on moisturizing actually because even bland moisturizers will make me breakout, so I've stopped that. I'll usually sweat and my skin will hydrate itself enough through the day that it's actually better I don't, but now that I'm on a higher dose I'll probably need to. I'll put vitamin e on any cuts or pimple i've popped to help with healing. My routine is usually a shower a day with tea tree face wash and a grapefruit body wash. Well here's to month 2!!


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