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Week 4!



Hi. On to the last week of the month on Epuris. What am I noticing? I'm definitely noticing the drying effects. I need lip chap constantly, which isn't bad, when I put the lip chap on it makes my lips nice and normal. I'm noticing a lot of drying in the face, after a shower and such, to combat it I just put on moisturizer and it's back to normal. In terms of breakouts, I am still getting constant breakouts on the back of my neck, which never really was an issue before. My forehead is getting some deep pimples, embarrassing at times, but I've been able to handle them to the point where they aren't as red and die quicker. My routine has been a shower a day, maybe a light exfoliation here and there. Afterwards I will moisturize my body with vitamin e oil (which I heard is good for scarring) and put lubriderm on my face, or vitamin e oil. After that, I put tea tree oil on the active big pimples. It's been working alright - just to the point where they're not staring me or anyone else in the face, which, if the end results end up with me acne free, are worth it. I will admit the pimples are getting a little embarrassing and dehabilitating, but hopefully things improve. I've been doing a good job of not pick or squeezing and if I do I'll put vitamin e oil on the parts i have. Hmmm what else? Oh yeah, after this week I'll be upping my dosage, if anyone is reading this, what can I expect from a higher dosage? More breakouts? More dryness? Let me know!


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