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Acnecide Adventure day 5/6 - the turning point!!!



Hi everyone...

wow, my skin has really and I mean REALLY cleared up. It has probably cleared up about 90-95% I would say! It is mad!!

The only bits of my face that concern me now are little marks on my chin, it is actually just dry skin really but still, that’s the only bits that bother me, and it barely actually bothers me. Plus the dry skin is not bad at all!

I honestly can’t believe it, it hasnt even been a week and i’m nearly completely clear.

I’ve still been eating healthy which must be helping. Last night I had a cheat meal... I had home made lasagne with salad and about 10 chips! I woke up and no new spots and hoping it stays that way!

yesterday was when I really noiced the difference but wow this morning, I felt I could go to work completely bare faced and not even think about it! 

I really urge anyone with mild-moderate acne to try this treatment. I’m so pleased with my results so far.

i’m still going to use the Acnecide but probably just individual spots that I get now! 

Please feel free to contact me for any info on my routine and diet, as for me having completely clear skin after 6 days is pretty amazing and i’m sure many others can achieve this too!!!!



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Hi, I'm new to acne.org. May i know what treatment are u referring to and your diet info? I have moderate acne

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I am using Acnecide (uk) it is Benzoyl Peroxide and you can get it over the counter in Boots or any good pharmacy.

I have cut out dairy and also any sugars that are not natural. I eat sugars that gone naturally in fruits etc but thats all.

I’m eating a lot more fruit and veg, I find it easier to eat this by having smoothies in the morning and then veg with my dinner. An example of a smoothie I would have which is amazing is a healthy pina colada! So this includes, a banana, coconut shavings (you can buy these in supermakets usually), spinach (you cant taste it!) pineapple chunks and coconut milk! It is amazing! 

My skin routine to take my makeup off is using a makeup wipe and then washing my wash with water, patting dry and applying the acnecide. In the mornings I use a baby wipe instead, wash my face with water again, put acnecide on and then moisuriser after about 20 mins! 

I hope that this helps, please let me know if I can help anymore! Xx

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