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BLOG ELEVEN, Wednesday 27th September



Hey Girls,

Hope you're all well. 
STRESS is the key factor to large pimples!! I've finally noticed this a great deal. Those last couple of weeks before I wrote my last blog (BLOG TEN), I had various blind pimples (will also discuss later in the blog the best way to remove them), and I am almost certain it was due to stress. I had mountains of work to do for university which was causing me soooo much stress...resulting in pimples. Another way that I have realised that stress is definitely related is because this last week, I've honestly had no massive pimples that I've had to pamper with, which is awesome and because  of this I have zero stress (university week break). My treatments are seriously starting to seep through...along with no stress!! Honestly. I know it's easier said than done, but stressing less can honestly do our skin a world of wonders!! Doing mediation, yoga, pilaties or simply downloading a free meditation app on your phone and doing it at night before you head to bed. 

Moving on, due to products usually coming to an end once you've used it all, obviously replacing them is a good idea in order to maintain a well balanced skin routine. 
- Due to running out of the deep cleanser from "Skinstitut", I have replaced it with "Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser" which has been a grest substitue over the past week and has my face feeling super soft. 
- Another cleanser I have purchased is "Defy Cosmeceuticals Deep Cleanse" to give my face that extra clean. I purchased this from the facial salon I attended a few months ago. 
- Before I head to bed, ritually for the past month, I've been cleansing my face with "Witch Hazel (TN Dickson) Face Wipes" and wow do I believe these have helped. They remove all excess dirt that may be on your face after a cleanse. I defintely do recommened. 
- To further help my skin I have also been taking "Healthy Care VITAMIN D3 1000IU" tablets just as an extra thing for my skin, to which I believe it can benefit from. 

Lastly, blind pimples! Horrid, hard, red, non squizzable, bumpy looking pimples thateveryone HATES!  I was unfortunate to get two within a week. As desperate as I was to find a quick cure... I found one that works for me:
-  Warm press over the pimple for 10 minutes on and off. 
- Then, overnight, place "Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque" over the affected area as a spot treatment. 
By following these simple steps, it will reduce the time frame of the blind pimple. They usually last 5-7 days, whereas doing the above can reduce it by 2-3 days! LIFE SAVER!!!

Anywho, I hope the above information helps in even the slightest. Please comment or message me for any questioms if needed. xx

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Hey Girls! Me again, just commenting on this post because what I’m posting relates to the above post. 
I GOT ANOTHER BLIND PIMPLE! Omg I don’t get it!!! That’s 3 in 3 weeks! Why?? It’s honestly so frustrating!!! As much as my above regieme has worked, does anyone have any remedies that makes them go flat...like overnight???

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