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ok, so we are on day 18 I think. The last few days my eyes have been really picky and sore. They are also a bit puffy and bloodshot. I am using drops on an hourly basis if not more, and trying not to wear eye makeup but I have to for work and going out as I look like death otherwise.  I am hoping it will settle down. and actually, yesterday and today so far is a little better than the last few days.

As far as the skin dryness goes, its much the same on my face only, and of course my lips. No cracks or peeling on my lips yet. 

I am going through a rather stressful time with my cat, so i'm feeling down, but I know that's the situation and not the medication. Yoko is 20 and a half, and all last week stopped eating and drinking and barely moved. I made the appointment in the vets, as I didn't want her to suffer, and she decided to fight a little longer! She started eating again on thursday and is as bright as a button (well a very old one). Vet was cancelled and we are now making the most of the time we have left with her. It was the hardest thing ever, making that appointment. I just hope that when she is ready, she just falls asleep. xx 


I know this isn't acne related, but I just stumbled across your post and want to say I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your cat!! I know the feeling of having to make that kind of appointment :( Anyway just want you to know you're not alone and you seem like a caring owner to Yoko! My two dogs passed away last week and it's been hard/lonely, so I hope you're doing ok.... xx

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