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Clotrimazole Blog



Wow I realized my first blog post sounded so whiny! Didn't think people would actually see/read it hahaha But it's true my acne has been depressing me lately! I'm sure a lot of people here have gone through the same thing. I don't know how to edit my posts yet so I'm just going to post a follow up here.


  • cetaphil
  • thayer's rose witch hazel
  • neutrogena naturals brightening with spf 25

  • burts bees cleansing oil
  • cetaphil
  • thayer's rose witch hazel
  • struggling with which moisturizer to use. Really want to use cerave cream because my skin is itchy and feels dehydrated but maybe i should stick with cerave SA because i've used it for a long time. I don't particularly like it and just realized there's mineral oil in it which might be bad but at least it's a consistent product. I usually also put vicks on my skin where it's itchy, i can feel a cyst forming, or there are tiny bumps. It usually clears the bumps but hasn't been working to clear them lately. Maybe I used it for too long and it dehydrated/clogged my skin? I don't want to have to use vick's on my face my whole life so I guess I'll just do cerave SA. 
  • clotrimazole 1% cream

TLDR the new thing I'm trying is clotrimazole. I'm worried I might have yeast/folliculitis because I have a bunch of tiny bumps that cause rough skin and never go away. This is mostly between my mouth and my chin, and on my forehead. I never dealt with it before (at least not on forehead) until about 6 months ago. And I realize now that that's around the time I started taking a LOT of antibiotics for other health issues. Makes me think it might be yeast. Worth a shot.

My GOD though this site is freaking me out. I got to the "weird side" of it apparently LOL. I though I was dealing with acne from birth control pills. Now I'm like... but wait what if it's milia, perioral dermatitis, folliculitis, gram negative folliculitis, demodex mite overgrowth, etc!?!?!? How can I know? I'm not even sure dermatologists consider all these options. Then I think-- I should put jock itch cream on my face, diaper rash cream, dandruff shampoo, manuka honey, zinc oxide, accutane, some miracle cure, freaking sliced potatoes. I'm so lost!!!

Anyway last night was the first time I applied lotrimin, so I just put it on a few small areas to test for allergies. I woke up and seemed fine. I applied to rest of face. But this evening my skin has been itching SO MUCH around my jaw, and even a bit on my cheeks and forehead. Can't tell if that's a good sign (yeast die off) or bad sign (allergy)? Doesn't look red though. 

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Marish  do you have any updates? I have the same thing and have been trying 2% ketaconazole cream. Dries them out some but they don't clear. My jaw, cheeks, neck are full of them.....fungal folluculitis. If you've made progress I'd love to hear!

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