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Skin History



Today is Sept 16 2017.

In 2015-16 I was on levora but was taking 50mg spiro, doxycycline, benzaclin, and tretinoin.
Then my derm took me off doxy and my skin started to get worse.
A year ago (summer 2016) when I moved to new york I started taking 75mg spiro but nothing else (no tret or benzaclin. Still on levora.) 

Now it's the end of summer 2017. My skin has gotten worse (and stayed that way) the entire past year. I usually got a handful of big, painful, red ones along my jawline and chin the week before my period and during. Then the next two weeks would be pretty great, just a small one here and there. But then the last couple months I started to get weird swollen ones on my forehead and that spurred me to change something. 

I switched to ocella Sun July 23, two months ago. It's been pretty weird and making my skin perfect right before, during, and after my period. Then my skin steadily gets worse until the next period. I also just upped spiro to 100mg. I'm worried that switching birth controls will not have helped my acne but most people have shitty horrible breakouts for a few months and then get clear so I'm just praying that will happen. 

I'm tired of not feeling like myself. I'm tired of feeling self-conscious in public or even around my friends. I'm tired of going on dates and not being able to make eye contact because I feel like the only thing he'll see is my broken out skin. I'm tired of spending all my time in front of the mirror, trying to combat each new type of pimple with a special remedy, stressing until i'm crying and feel like everything else is hopeless/pointless, and being constantly paranoid of new bumps appearing. It's all too much!! 

So recently my routine has just been:

  • Morning
    • Wash face with cetaphil
    • Thayers rose witch hazel
    • Neutrogena naturals brightening daily moisturizer with spf 25
    • makeup (garnier bb cream, nars soft matte concealer, one heck of a blot powder)
  • Night
    • burts bees cleansing oil
    • cetaphil
    • thayers rose witch hazel
    • pixi glow tonic
    • moisturize nose/undereyes with cerave sa, rest of face with vicks


Recommended Comments

I just started Ocella, and my skin has been breaking out and its giving me anxiety. I'm on Week 6, and am developing pimples I am not used to having as well as breast tenderness. Did ur body every adjust to the pill and how was your skin after the 3 month mark?

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