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Zinc Blog 1 (WEEKS 1 & 2)



Hello there, this is my first blog where I report my improvements using Zinc to treat my persistent, painful acne.

Lets get the basics out of the way real quick:
- I'm 25, female
- currently taking Zinc (as Zinc methionine) 30 mg (OptiZinc by Source Naturals) which also contains Copper (as Copper Sebacate) 288 mcg
- also currently taking a women's multivitamin that also contains 15mg of Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) (2+ years) and Yaz birth control pill (8+ years)
- I avoid dairy (not lactose intolerant, just prefer to not ingest it) and don't eat much red meat
- acne is primarily found around my lips/mouth/chin area and more recently right under my chin near my neck (inflamed, itchy, whiteheads, cysts, sore/painful)
- been taking the OptiZinc for 2 weeks and a day now

- after a week, there is much less acne overall and less inflammed acne
- all inflammed pre-existing acne has gone down
- a few new pimples have formed (whiteheads) but not too many

- heavily increased hormonal acne around mouth/chin area
- very inflammed, very painful and itchy
- most spots are coming to a white head or are a cyst
- feeling a little discouraged but I will continue taking these pills for AT LEAST 12 weeks since I hear that is usually a good amount of time to see whether or not things are actually improving or not (I wonder if this is an "initial breakout" like on Accutane.. I hope so

**I added a photo from week 1, and later tonight I'll add a photo from today for week 2, sorry for the "deer in the headlights" look I have going on






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I started eating zinc last week. First it worked well, but now I'm breaking out again. My cheeks are more even but I have new pimples on my forehead and above my upper lip.

So I was just wondering - did zinc supplements help you? How long should I eat them?

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They do help me! I have been taking them consistently still but haven't updated on here because I got busy with finals and holidays. I will take them forever! They help with hormonal acne, not sure if you are a guy or girl, but I know us girls are very prone to hormonal imbalances that cause acne so I know it HAS to be the zinc. Stick with it! I am like 99% clear now, a pimple here and there.

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