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So I don't have horrible acne, every once in a while I'll get a horribly bad zit/pimple. I currently have one right now and it's a monster. And I'm a picker so I've made it worse. I pick so much at my pimples that there will be nothing left but a big hole in my skin, which is even worse than the pimple. I never know how to heal them. I always freak out and stress when I get them me try my best to heal them. But I feel like I'm putting too much stuff on my face where not only is the pimple a huge, red, inflamed mess, but the skin around it looks awful. Putting makeup on it to cover it up is impossible. Just makes it look worse. I feel so helpless. Where ever I go I can feel people staring at it which just makes me feel so embarrassed and red faced. These pimples affect me so much that I'll hid out in my apartment until they go away. I'll call into work, skip school, and not make plans with my friends. I hate how much this affects me. I feel so ugly. I'm just looking for some advice on how to heal them faster. They usually take about a week to heal but I'm still left with some redness after that.  I just need so freaking help 


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