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Estroblock - Month 5



Hi Everyone,

Peace and Love to you guys. I hope your journeys have been positive since the last time I posted. I am so sorry for waiting so long to update. Perhaps it's a testament to how well estroblock has been working for me!! Apart from a healthy summer in the sun, I really truly believe estro block is NOT a gimmick. I have had perhaps 3 or 4 pimples in the past 5 months of being on estroblock, but no breakout what so ever... I noticed my skin had the best results (not just clear but glowing and oil was at a minimum... I was drinking about 2L a day at high points in the summer) when I kept up my water intake because these pills help flush out bad estrogens from the system so water is key. It's for sure the only thing that's keeping me clear since I am not taking anything else (probably low stress season too is helping). I can't say whether the liver supplement is helping but to be honest I think it's better to take it since I've switched over to estroblock pro in the last month, just to help the liver out with flushing. I can't say yet whether the pro is better than the regular strength, I seem to be getting the same results which makes sense cause I was taking about 2 regular strength a day to maintain clear skin (~3 reg = 1 pro pill).

I still have scarring from all my years of acne + the many infections I've had on my cheeks, and it really annoys me, but frankly I'm so happy to have found something natural that works instead of having to resort to accutane. Of course, I wouldn't have oily skin with accutane but what the heck, maybe the oily skin will prevent future wrinkles lol :) I think EB has proven to be a pretty excellent alternative to accutane for me! I highly recommend you guys give it a shot. Start with 1 regular for a couple weeks and if you aren't seeing totally clear skin up your dose. I went up to the pro because it makes more sense money wise then taking two reg strength a day and running out of the bottle quicker. I stopped DHT block about a month in cause I was not seeing much results with it, I may give it a chance again though cause I know it's really good for controlling oilyness which is my issue right now (more water intake would help though). I also notice my scarring is getting better slightly texture wise, and I honestly think it's using a facial brush daily. This has shrunk my pores, cleaned my skin way better than manual washing ever did and honestly I think the blood circulation is helping stimulate healing in scarred tissue. People have now started commenting on my skin which is probably the first time in my life people have done that. My confidence is regaining strongly and steadily. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. This review is not at all sponsored by the company guys so everything I say is truly how the pills have affected me. I will actually look into posting some before and after pictures soon if I kept any. 

Xx hugs to you all. Hold your head high, this too shall pass. 

Ps- I have been eating tons of dairy products, wheat products and I have had a bit more sugar this summer than usual and I have STILL maintained clear skin on this stuff!!!! 


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Hi I have been taking 2 estroblock pro pills along with valium d glucarate for liver support for 1 and a half month and am still breaking out. any suggestions?

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On 2017-10-08 at 9:16 PM, bellacat said:

Hi I have been taking 2 estroblock pro pills along with valium d glucarate for liver support for 1 and a half month and am still breaking out. any suggestions?

Hey Bellacat, thats strange. Maybe 2 estro pro pills is too much? I haven't heard of anyone that took more than one of them, but i think its possible. Perhaps its too much for your system... or its just detoxing a lot out of you. Did you start out at less pills/estro regular strength before doing two pills of the pro? Id suggest personally reaching out to the company and asking them, I believe they provide feedback and try to help tailor to what your experiencing

I also should make a note here that my clear skin is not just from the estro block - honestly I think estro is good at cleaning out internally and preventing pimples, but i think its the combo of using it with a facial brush. Its keeping my pores too clean. have you tried adding a facial brush to your regime? best to do it when breakout is at a minimum because there is the potential if you are really broken out that the brush will just aggravate the situation.

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