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So let me fill you in really quickly on my acne journey, a real journey of trial and error! I started getting acne when I was about 12/13. It was never too bad but as I got a little older it started getting worse and began to bother me. When I was 16, I went to my GP about it and he prescribed me Dianette (contraceptive pill). This surprisingly worked so well but I think I took it for granted looking back now. I always had the odd spot or 3 but my skin became the least of my worries and was totally bearable compared to now. In may 2015 when I was 21, I came off the pill and got the Mirena Coil fitted. A few months down the line, my acne gradually got worse and worse so I began taking Tetracycline (oral tablet antibiotic) and using Duac cream (antibiotic cream). They worked temporarily, but when I stopped taking them, the breakouts became more frequent and more inflamed. So I then decided to try IPL laser treatment. It hurt like a bitch and it cleared my skin for no more than 3 weeks, and then the acne came back but way more angry and a type of cystic acne, which I had never had before.  
I'm now 23 and my acne is the worst it has ever been causing my self esteem to plummet to nothing! I know for a fact it is hormonal acne and I get really bad breakouts around my jawline and cheeks. The ones on my jawline are cystic and really under the skin - a real pain in the arse!!!

Basically, I have tried everything. It has taken me 11 years or so (and god knows how much money spent on products), to finally realise that nothing will work unless I go to a dermatologist. I met my dermatologist today and I have been prescribed 6 months of Roaccutane. |::Siava:  I'm starting on 20mg dose and see how I get on from there.

Below is a photo of the first day!
I'm honestly scared and dreading the side effects, but at this stage, I KNOW it will be worth it!
I'll post a weekly update, for both others looking for advice and for my own motivation and peace of mind. 



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2 hours ago, Rainbow.1974 said:

Hi Moonsss,  I just started too - 40mgs a day. Good luck xx

Oh amazing Rainbow.1974 :D I hope it goes well for you, will be interesting to see how much quicker the 40mg works! 
Best of luck x
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