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Week 5 (Accutane)



Week 5 done.

Dermatologist appointment today! I had my blood test before the appointment. Hopefully nothing bad on the results. In terms of the actual appointment: I've been moved up from 40mg to 75mg (at ~75kg bodyweight). I won't start it until I get my prescription but she said I can take 60mg between and now then. I might take 60mg until the end of the month and wait to get the next prescription before taking 80mg, because I don't like going into town (and it;s nearest pharmacy they can send it to).

She reassured me that the initial breakout was normal and that redness is exacerbated massively whilst on accutane (all red marks / scars show up a lot more). I think my skin has less spots/acne than it has had in a long time, but because of all of the redness and marks it feels/looks worse to me.

I also asked her why/how accutane works and she couldn't explain it. We talked about the conflicting studies (some showing permanent oil reductions, some saying it comes back as before but acne stays away). Oh well. She also told me that there's a ~30% relapse rate, so hopefully I'm not that 30%!

Next appointment is October 6th, 7-8 weeks from now. Said I don't need to have a blood test again until after then. Feeling positive. Can't wait for October!


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