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Spironolactone- 1 Month & 3 Days Update & Disappointment



Hi guys... I feel a little bit stupid honestly for making my 1 month update sound so great. I truly felt like It looked alot better. I went to my parents house 2 days later after making this post and I ended up crying a ton to my mom about how much worse I felt like it looked. The lighting at my parents house is much brighter & every acne mark and pimple stuck out so much and was so red. Before I started Spiro I went there with no makeup & it looked better than now. It looks worse than the start. I know this is so common. I just thought my initial breakout was over, but my cheeks are continuing to purge AND my forehead has TONS of tiny pimples all over it. I feel like I did in middle school & it feels traumatic. I dread foundation. I can see the acne more when I wear it, but I still look better to other people and feel like I would not look professional without it because of all the red marks. I accepted a Nanny gig the rest of this week and it is all day Tuesday-Friday. I hate feeling like I have to wear makeup. I love wearing it when my skin is all clear and I feel like I am using it for fun & to enhance my natural beauty. When I have acne, I feel like all it looks like is a failed attempt at covering up a bunch of gross bumps. I can't get over the fact it was flawless 2 months ago. I have been dealing with grief and depression severely & initial breakouts really really make that worse. I have thoughts like...I should've never started it because It just looks worse than the start and I have to wait months for it to maybe go back to normal. Acne causes so much negativity in my thoughts. I am a completely different woman when I had clear skin. I swear it affects every aspect of my life. I can't stop looking in mirrors and observing every imperfection. I am trying to be positive but I am so impatient. I am amazed it has already been 1 month though. It did fly by. I hope the next two months fly by and I start seeing a big difference. I hope my 3 month appointment is not me crying and upset but positive and seeing clear skin in my near future. When I said my skin had no active serious breakouts a few days ago...I swear they were just preparing to erupt or something. I just want to see some real improvement that isn't going a step forward and two steps back. I hope by month 2 I will have clear cheeks or a clear forehead. I just want one part of my face clear. I am almost out of my Clindamycin gel and I used it super fast. I over did it. I was thinking about replacing it with my Retina A cream but I stopped using it after I got bad cheek breakouts the day after using it last.I can't bare for it to get worse. I start my period this coming Sunday. 5 days. Maybe it is worse because it is a week before my period? I take out my birth control ring for a week for my period. I like the ring and don't want to switch to a pill. I stayed clear with the ring for a long time. I want to ask about Ortho Tri Cyclen or Tri Sprintec if my acne isn't making big improvements in 4 months max. I know I should have maybe waited for this update at the 1 month and 2 week mark, but I'm keeping it real with you guys. It felt better then it felt way worse.

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This is so crazy, my story is much the same as yours!! I stopped taking spiro last summer almost exactly a year ago in July when I decided I just didn't feel like taking it anymore. I pleasantly surprised myself and stayed mostly clear with the exception of a tiny one or 2  every few weeks until April/May of this year when I developed a few closed comedones on my upper cheeks. Thank goodness I had a stash of old spiro I found back at home at my parents' so I started taking 50 mgs a day in May, thinking it would make my very mild acne go away soon. In addition, I arranged to see a derm, and was started on tretinoin 0.1 and benzaclin. After about a month and a half of a very conservative only retin-a and spiro Routine, my face absolutely BLEW up. Multiple cysts, closed comedones everywhere, pustules, it was a freak show. Went on doxycycline as one derm thought the breakout was an initial breakout that typically happens with retinoids but admitted later it looked too severe to be an IB. Got a second opinion and was told it was a bad bacterial (presumably staph) infection on my face and was given bactrim almost 2 weeks ago which has slowly but surely been working except I still have a bunch of closed comedones. I think the spiro actually might be working, I'm at the 3 month mark but it could also be the bactrim. I still get small pustules, but they seem to be much smaller in size than say, a month or two ago. 

It's hard to feel powerless of the angry direction of your skin, I completely feel your struggle. The entire past month I've done very little other than sit at home and watch Netflix or read. I hate going outside and looking in the mirror is painful. I avoid friends, going out, or doing anything that could worsen my skin or daytime activities where my acne looks obvious and bumpy AND DRY even under makeup. I cried everyday for a month and wouldn't even leave the house to get groceries. I am starting to see improvement though, and I found a really good aesthetician at a plastic surgery facility near my house, got extractions done yesterday and feel heaps better. I would look into doing that if you are open to it, just make sure you find a reputable aesthetician who has been practicing for a long time, and has great reviews! Also ask your doc about some antibiotics to help you out with breakouts in the meantime? 

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