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Spironolactone- 1 Month Update



I have been reading reviews that after 1-2 weeks, this pill made peoples acne magically go away. This hasn't been my case. I never had super severe acne this time around, but it was mild closer to moderate. It would not go away for weeks. This week, I have noticed a big difference, just from Monday to Friday. My acne on my cheeks, is almost all gone. The second and third week of the month my cheeks and chin were breaking out alot. The pimples are significantly smaller. It looks like they are almost completely gone. The whiteheads on my lip, have went down a ton. It honestly looks like there is not a single "super severe" breakout going on today. When I started, I felt like there were small pimples on almost every part of my face & bigger ones. I think starting my Nuva Ring has helped alot. I stopped birth control for two months for the first time since Accutane. It was the biggest mistake ever. I believe that is what made my skin explode. Before I stopped, my acne still was starting to pop up alot more often than usual, but not as severely. My skin is very red and sensitive still. My acne scars from the past look more prominent & I did notice my initial breakout has really made my acne scars on my cheeks even worse and left more. It looks like acne still, but it is much smoother. I for sure see improvement. I am so happy. Week two compared to the 1 month mark, is so much better. I know I had an initial breakout on the second & third week. My Retin A cream made my cheeks break out worse too. My Clindamycin gel has helped shrink my pimples so much. I use that daily. I still have acne & for sure don't feel clear. I still have whiteheads going on, but it is better than deep bumps on my cheeks that aren't close to shrinking. I am so excited to see my skin on Month 2. I feel like the medicine is now finally starting to work the magic. I don't want to jinx myself, but I see improvement. :) I still would not feel confident without makeup & still am not ready to even take on College on campus this semester because of my insecurities. I am hoping by the new year, I will be clear & confident & ready to go back on campus again. For now, I am taking online classes, avoiding mirrors, doing my makeup, even though I dread seeing my face when I take it off at night. I am going to stay positive! :) I have a new job & I am proud I went to the interview and aced it, even though I felt insecure. One last comment, when I take off my makeup & wash my face, the redness often makes my acne scars stick out so much more, & make the acne look more severe than it is. I still feel insecure looking at the mirror until about 15 minutes later, when the redness comes down. I would love comments or questions or some support down below!


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