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Really trying this time



I don't know if my skin is mild or moderate. It's mild compared to what my skin has been but I recognize that my perspective is not everybody's. Right now I'm using Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser with Simple's replenishing rich moisturizer. At night/after I shower, I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser on my face (sometimes with the clarisonic), stridex max strength pads, and moisturizer. On my body (back, chest and arms), I use St. Ives sea salt scrub on those areas. Then, I wipe the stridex pad on those areas and moisturize my body with Aveeno 24 hours lotion. I started using the stridex 3 days ago and I haven't had a reaction. My body feels incredibly soft. If I start getting irritated, I'll rinse off the stridex after 30 min, then put on moisturizer. Before I add anything else, I'm going to keep using the stridex for at least 3 weeks just to see its effects. I will say that, even though I still have acne, my skin feels amazing!

The next thing I will add will probably be Heritage's rosewater toner to combat dryness. If I still have acne, I'll add a leave on product with benzoyl peroxide. I do not react negatively to benzoyl peroxide (I mean... my skin does get dry and produce oil and peel). However, that goes away when I use the products consistently.

I want to continue using the Clarisonic even though I don't think it does anything. I clean it every night though.

It feels nice to unload my plans somewhere. I just graduated from college and still have acne. I honestly didn't care about it in middle or high school but now that  I am attempting to go to medical school, it's better if I try to find something that works.


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