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Spironolactone Journey 2017- First Post & Acne History



Hello, I am a 19 year old female. On July 21st 2017, I was put on Spiro, at 100 MG a day. I take Nuva Ring Birth Control with it. I have struggled with  moderate to severe acne since age twelve.  A very brief history on my acne, I tried every OTC product that exists and three step system. I tried Bactum antibiotic and a topical prescription in High School. I had persistent and moderate acne for four or five years. It really destroyed my social life, self esteem, and put me into a deep depression for a long time. I was bullied a lot for my acne as well. I was put on Accutane in my Sophmore year or Junior year, I don't remember. It cleared me of acne completely, something I didn't even remember the feeling of. I never saw myself with clear skin since I was a child. It only took 1-2 months for it to clear. I was on it for I think 4-5 months. I had side affects of IBS, back pain, super dry skin, and very chapped lips. The cons didn't bother me compared to the pros. It kept me clear for 3 years. I am now entering my second year of College in a week. I switched my Birth Control Method to the Nuva Ring about a year ago, with no acne problems. I was originally on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was just sick of taking pills. I went a year or two feeling confident with zero makeup in public and strangers would tell me they would've never known I struggled with acne for years. I liked going natural. In May 2017,three months before today, I thought why not quit taking my Nuva Ring too. I thought I grew out of acne and was cured from Accutane. I got my first apartment in April with my boyfriend who never even saw me with acne for the three years we have been dating. Two months later, It was July and my face exploded in acne like I haven't seen for years. It was all over my forehead like Middle School. Looking back, since March of 2017, I was noticing more frequent acne, It just never got bad enough to bother me till Summer 2017. It spread badly on my cheeks as well. I also have tons of white heads. I was so devastated and thought my boyfriend would leave me and be disgusted by me. I usually wouldn't even wear makeup around him. Acne scars didn't bother me. I have been a hermit, crying, rarely leaving my apartment. I feel so insecure in public without makeup. I have come to hating applying foundation after years of  needing it. I feel depressed putting on makeup and seeing the acne still. I can't believe it came back so heavily. I started taking the Nuva Ring again in July when it got so bad. A few days later, I was prescribed what I stated at the beginning, 100 MG of Spiro a day. I was also prescribed Retin A Cream, 0.025. I was told to continue my Clindamyacin Gel as a spot treatment, which worked amazing after  Accutane with small breakouts. It has been a few days more than 3 weeks on Spiro. I haven't seen much progress. My forehead  acne is almost gone from the Clindamyacin gel. I still have bad acne on my cheeks, temples, and white heads  on my chin. I personally think it's almost gotten worse since I started, on my cheeks. The Retin A is awful and I don't want to use it, it is so drying and it worsened  my cheeks. I just wash with Cera Ve cleanser, Clindamyacin gel, and Burts Bees moisturizer. I feel pretty sad and anti social. I decided on taking all online classes for my first semester of  College in a week. I truly don't want to be seen in class this way. It's sucks struggling  for four years, being clear for about three, just for it  to explode nearly as badly again. I'm trying to stay positive  because it's not a quick  fix. It's so hard though. I'll be back  when I hit the one month  mark, and probably post weekly or bi weekly my journey from there. I hope this goes well and people will  support me or I can help someone else. 


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