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Week 3 (Accutane)



It's only the middle of week 3, but I'll update this post if something changes.

Physically, my skin has never looked this bad. But I feel like I might be on the cusp of improving from here on out.

Before taking accutane my skin was the type to look normal for the first part of the day, but then start looking shiny/oily later on, especially by evening. The first 2 weeks I felt like my skin's oil levels were confused - my skin felt dry but still looked shiny/oily in the evening - basically the worst combo. Could be why I broke out badly?

But the last few days I've pretty much completely stopped producing oil. Now my face is just as dry in the evening as it is in the morning. I feel like things have stabilised. No more surprises (I hope). I haven't had any lump breakouts since, and my chin has gone dry/flaky - all the whiteheads have disappeared. My forehead & side neck/cheekbone lumps have drained/dried/scabbed up and feel like they'll flake off over the next few weeks. They look physically worse than last week, but last week they were inflamed / oily / rock hard and gave the impression they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

I've also started getting infrequent mild joint ache (shin/knee/elbow). Nothing too bad though.

Mentally, going to work with my skin in its current state is sucking big time. I've told a few colleagues about what I'm going through and they've been supportive, so I feel more at ease. I still see hundreds of strangers each shift and can tell they're looking at my skin though. Whether true or not, I feel like I'm getting judged for it.

My mood is back to normal though. I no longer feel slightly down. I think that may have been caused by lack of sleep, not the accutane. I got a full night's sleep and have felt good since then.

Fingers crossed no more breakouts.


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Good luck. Thanks for this. Blogs like this are so helpful in deciding what to do and for comparison purposes. 

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6 hours ago, Juwalker said:

Good luck. Thanks for this. Blogs like this are so helpful in deciding what to do and for comparison purposes. 

No worries! Let me know if you have any questions.

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