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Hi everyone

This is my first blog for exprrssing my suffer from long term acne. I have been suffering from acne since high school. Now I am 23 years old, still have severe acne all over my face. I have all kind of acnes: white head, blacl head...

I fisrt started out to see dermatologist. It heal fast but costly.I had a perfect skin when I was using their skin's products and treatment but when I stopped, everything just came back. Things get really bad when I was 22 and 23. I would describe these situation as a mild depression: I cried as I felt that there is no way out to get my skin clear. I had to stayed home and do nothing because I was to afraid to get out and enjoyed life. I became an anti social person and I am still.

Everytime I wash my face, I can feel the bumpiness of my skin. It hurt really bad. I feel depressed that I cried over and over agin because of my facial skin. I have no confidence in my life when facing someone. There is no help that really understands me. Therefore, I am here to share my life and hope that there is someone out here to cheer me up.

Anyway, I am also here to share abput differin journey week by week.

As I have been using differin for 7 weeks going up to 8 in a few days, I will give a brief feeling after using it for week 1 to week 7.

Week1: things already get bad before starting. I have around 30 red spots on my face and around 10 - 20 severe acne that come with either white head or infammatory acne that hurt me really bad. Differin did nothing much but this is just the beginning so I wasn't expecting anything from the first few weeks.

Week2: acne was still coming up with new and old acne. Differin starts to smooth some areas which has no acne. 

Week3: I can see small pimple under my skin when I looked at my face under the light. I knew that it was going to be really bad in tge next week.

Week4: I guessed that this was when initial breakout looked like. Everything popped up. It hurt and this was when i started to cried. Sobbing in my bed. Wish there could be a better tomorrow.

Week5: most of the IB were gone but there were still some big acne on both of my left and right cheek. Hurt and come with scarring. I should mentioned here that these acne appeared for a month and never disappeared.

Week6: thing was going well. Differin did it job but still old acne existed and red spots were eveywhere. 

Week7: things got worst as new acne existed and left red spots on ma face which probably almost all areas on my both left and right cheeks and my forehead had  2 big inflammable acne.

I am going up to week 8 and hope things should get better. I wish I could get rid of red spots but it looks like impossible since new acne still coming up. I hate myself right now and feel sorry for myself. I did everything that could help me from the inside but there is no progress: zinc, bedtime, drinking water, hygiene...it did nothing at all.

If there anyone out here suffering the same issue like I am, please feel free to discuss and cheer each other up. I am happy to talk and exchange experince. 

Will update week8 soon...

Thank you for reading my long suffering blog.


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