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One Week On The Regimen/Why I Started




My name is Maya, I am 21, and I have mild acne. In middle school, my skin was bumpy, and I used proactive, which kept it consistent. When I started breaking out more in high school, I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed a topical cream. I started breaking out much more my last two years of college, but my dermatologist just kept prescribing topical creams. In college, I started taking antibiotics as well. I finally went on birth control when I went to Brazil, and it seemed to help a lot - almost completely clearing my skin other than a few occasional small pimples on my chin (which I attributed to the hormones) and leaving only the scars from previous acne. My skin was less red and I started to feel comfortable without any makeup! 

Upon my return to the US, I realized it wasn't the Birth Control that cured my acne, but the humid climate! (I tested this theory on vacation to Puerto Rico, where my skin again completely cleared and I stopped wearing makeup). I got off the birth control, going back to antibiotics. Eventually, I got off the antibiotics, too, and found my skin stayed the same. My skin's "normal" was characterized by acne scars, very oily skin, little bumps on chin and cheeks, redness on my cheeks, one or two small pimples on my chin, and at least one large pimple always on one of my cheeks or my chin. ALWAYS one. 

My skin has never been horrible, again, I have mild acne, and I am thankful for that. However, I don't feel secure enough to leave the house without a light BB cream, and the occasional heavier foundation (when I go to an event). If there's a chance for beautiful skin, I want to find it! This is what led me to start the acne.org regimen. 

First Week

I have now been using the regime for one week, and the results are wonderful! I am so happy. I haven't had any breakouts, and my skin has almost no leftover bumps. Since using the regimen I only had two small pimples pop up, which wer so small that I didn't even feel tempted to pop them, plus they cleared within the next two days. My BB Cream looks so much better on my face, and makes my face look almost completely clear because the bumps are almost all gone! My skin is a bit irritated - it's flaky and itchy and kind of stings, but that was expected. The moisturizer offers a sweet relief from the stinging the bp gives me when I put it on. I use the regimen exactly as instructed on the website, although I'm hoping to use less as I go on. My main problem are my scars, which I'm hoping the AHA+ will help with once I start using it a month in (as the site recommends). The pictures show what my skin looks like one week in (picture my skin with two or three more pimples and redder marks on my cheeks if you want to know what it looked like before I started).







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