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Tomorrow starts my 6th week on the regime!

So i got over that episode i had where i wanted to quit. Im starting to be super gentle with the steps of the regime, I'm incorporating AHA into my regime but it stings a little still so I'm only using a little less then half AHA and the more moisturizer so my face isn't red in the aam :)

I broke out from the exfoliation but today my pimples were big, and now at night i can already see them shrinking. I think my acne scars are starting to fade! Ive been using AHA for a little over a week now. I also ran out of cleanser so i ordered the 16 oz of cleanser and moisturizer today.

RN I have AHA on and its stunning so maybe ill use less tomorrow. I want to build up my tolerance to AHA very slowly because I'm not wearing makeup and if it stings then tomorrow i wake up with a red face ughhhh

Heres my current skin routine

2 pumps of cleanser, gently wash for about 20 seconds
1 full fingers length of BP
2 pumps of cetaphil moisturizer ( i use cetaphil so my face isn't yellow in the am) mixed with about 10 drops of jojoba oil. i find that the jojoba oil makes sure i don't flake most of the day, and also it thins out my moisturizer which makes it easier so spread around my face, so less irritation
Wait about 1 hour for the moisturizer to sit, massage in the moisturizer a little more every 10-15 minutes or so. i let it sit for 1 hour or as long as possiblebefor using powder.

Ive also started using tiny dabs of concleaer on my really red acne spots. This is making me much more comfortable because i don't feel as ugly, and i don't look caked with a full face of makeup!!

2pumps of cleanser
1 full fingers length of bP
1 pump acne.org moisturizer, almost half AHA (i might use 3/4 moisturizer and 1/4 AHA tomorrow bc my face stings rn), 10 drops of jojoba

ALSO, little by little i think my flakiness is going away. Maybe its from the AHA? Also when i shower and my face soaks in the water, ill gently gently rub circles on my face and its been taking off some of the dead layers of skin. I did that today. i feel its removing the layers sitting on top and now its making the AHA more effective to prevent new flakes forming. Maybe thats why my AHA burns a little more today?? My skin is baby smooth now on my forehead, nose, chin, and the fronts of my cheeks. like right under my eye area. I still get patchy on my cheeks and jawline. Things are looking up for this regime. Everyone says the first month is the worst. Maybe in these next few weeks ill start seeing real results??


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