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Almost there! I can't believe it



As of today, I have a total of 3 small pimples on my face. My hyperpigmentation has drastically faded, and my forehead is no longer constantly red, bumpy and oily. There is still slight redness, but for the most part my skin is the same color as the rest of my face and with almost zero of those weird skin-colored bumps. My cheeks, although they rarely ever broke out, have gotten much softer without the bumpiness, and the redness (I think) has also faded. My chin is looking better, still blackheads but I can deal with those. My nose still has blackheads as well, but it's much, much less oily. My skin feels soft and looks clear, and I could not be happier. 

It's been a little over 2 years - I can't remember if it started in freshman year, but I finally managed to control my acne on my own. There was one time I went to the dermatologist while visiting another country, and I received topical and pill medication that did make my skin as good, or even better, than it is now. But I couldn't continue because I had to leave the country, and I remember how upset I was that the angry redness was back. The pimples wouldn't go away, no matter what I tried. I lost my self-confidence, and couldn't make eye contact with people at school because my forehead was so red and covered with angry acne. I wanted to wear makeup, but the bumpiness and fear of breaking out more nipped that idea in the bud. I used to fantasize about having clear skin, and I'd get so excited whenever I saw great reviews for a product claiming to clear up acne. It took me so long to realize that everyone's skin was different. To that end, I'll share what I did (incredibly, I started my regimen about 2 weeks ago and I've seen results so quickly), and I truly hope it helps someone out there, but please keep in mind that this may not work for you.

I'm combination skin type (oily t-zone, normal cheeks). I was researching the concept of oil-cleansing, and double-cleansing (once with oil cleanser and a second time with water based cleanser). Basically the science of oil-cleansing is that like attracts like, so when you put the oil on your face it will attract the gunk, letting you wash it off, plus if you have oily skin it balances the pH of it. The following water-based cleanser will get rid of the oil residue. I was naturally scared to put oil on my already oily face, but it worked sO WELL. My forehead produces only a little oil, and the skin-colored bumps have disappeared, as well as some of the sebaceous filaments hanging out of my pores. I think my pores have shrunk, but not entirely sure. Anyways, so I decided to try it out. On the third day of using it, I got an enormous blind pimple in the center of my forehead. Of course I freaked out and blamed it on the oil, but now I'm positive it was because I didn't rinse my face properly. So I powered on, and day by day, things started to happen. Gradually, pimples and yellow hard sebum came out - I could literally feel "grits" when I massaged my face. No new pimples formed at all during the 2 week period, which never happens. The existing small pimples I had enlargened, ripened, and went away at an incredible rate (the blind pimple went away in less than 2 days, and a pimple that was the size of a period at the end of a sentence just yesterday grew, hardened and was washed off TODAY. I'm going to share my regimen now - it's made up of Korean skincare products which are amazing by the way, I'm not even saying this out of patriotism. 

1) oil cleanser: Banila Co's Clean It Zero Classic Balm (the MIRACLE worker, meant for makeup but it's fine if you use as cleanser) 
2) water based cleanser: The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright 
3) toner: Klairs' Supple Preparation Facial Toner (amazing, made my skin so soft)
4) moisturizer: Innisfree's Green Tea Balancing Lotion 
5) acne medication: COSRX's Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 

and voila! Seeing the changes happen every morning made me so excited to do my nightly routine. I dearly hope that anyone reading this will experience the same miraculous results as I do. PLUS I just realized something I always break out a fair amount right before and during my period, but my skin is clear right now and my period started this morning! I'll be watching my skin diligently to see if anything changes!


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