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Im just really frustrated right now. Half frustrated with myself, and half frustrated with this regime.
I keep doing things that I KNOW i shouldn't, i pop my pimples, i scratch my face, and on week 2 and week 3 i had days that i just had to straw way from the regime and i wasn't 100% strict with it. Now its really messing me up. I keep getting whiteheads, thats my fault and then i pop them and UGH its an endless cycle.

Im frustrated with the regime too because I WANT TO WEAR MAKEUP. and i can't because my face is RED, and FLAKY. My skin is taking so long to adjust and its so frustrating!! My redness really went away the past few days but last night (i know you can't use AHA until one month, but my one month mark is in like 2 days and my fakes are so ugly so i just wanted to start using it, sue me) i used half AHA half moisturizer and my face stung so bad and now i woke up with a red face. MY FLAKES ARENT EVEN GONE THO

I just want my skin to adjust already!!! I'm over all this flaky, red skin and feeling so ugly when i walk out the door. Right now I'm using 1 fingers length of BP. I think I'm going to incorporate AHA into my moisturizer little by little because it doesn't make sense that on my one month mark the AHA magically won't sting. So I'm going to start doing little by little.

QUESTION: Will i forever have to be using 2 pumps of moisturizer on my face???? because thats ridiculous and takes so long to dry. 


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I'd recommend mixing liquid foundation with moisturizer because tinted moisturizers work better with the Regimen. I did this with Almay Smart Shade Skin Tone Matching Makeup.

The reason AHA doesn't sting after 1 month is that the skin won't be as sensitive from the BP anymore.

You could apply 1 pump of moisturizer, wait for it to dry, and apply another pump. It shouldn't take as long to absorb that way. Another option is to use just 1.5 pumps in one go.^_^

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