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day 23



ok, so im gonna keep updating when i feel like it because i usually update at night when I'm waiting for my BP to dry.
so, I'm trying to figure  out how not to be yellow in the daytime. The acne.org moisturizer is a big NO. it makes me look orange and gross. the cetaphil moisturizer actually moisturizes my skin MORE then the acne.org one, BUT it kinda stings my face in the morning and makes me red!!! I want to find another moisturizer in the am.

never have i ever in my life had an even skin tone without makeup. My nose and cheeks are always red, my under eye circles are purple, my acne scars are bright red. but recently i can see my skin tone becoming even!! its still not perfect, I'm a little pink and my scars are still there, but its getting so much better!! so far the flakiness isn't awful. Its kinda bad, but i think because i started the jojoba oil early and didn't rush into BP too quickly, I'm ok!! 

right now i have one tiny tiny pimple on my left cheek, and 3 tiny tiny pimples on my right. (the pimples i felt under my skin emerged). they are small and not bothersome. they emerged but already look like they are drying out and getting smaller. my forehead and chin stay clear and smooth, and today i noticed my pores in my nose way smaller!!!

i think i still have some pimples rn because i havent been consistent with the regime. Im playing around with moisturizers, i skipped yesterday because of the 4th of july, ill put on makeup sometimes, week 2 i washed BP off too early, but for how inconsistent I've been, its still working really good!! obviously I'm working to be consistent but life just gets in the way. This saturday i have an audition, so i won't wear BP in the morning because need to wear makeup and look very nice and presentable. 

never has anything worked for me as  much as this regime has!! if you have any suggestions for moisturizer let me know!! ttyl


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