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My acne-treatment journey



This is my first time v-blogging on this website! I've read many articles but I never thought about joining you guys!! 

I'm gonna try to keep it short but make sure to mention everything... 
I'm 19 years old and I have a semi-sensitive and oily skin. I have suffered from mild to severe acne and whiteheads since 13. During my middle school, I used a lot chemical products to clear my skin and none worked at all. Starting high school I fell in love with natural remedies so I started trying different things. I always eat clean but what I learned during these years, that eating anything sweet makes me breakout very quick. So my first step was cutting the sugar down as much as possible, both in my food and my drinks (I know it can be very hard for some of you guys but trust me, both your body and your skin will appreciate you in the long term).
Next I increased my water intake daily from 30 ounces to 60 (the goal is to drink half of your body weight in ounces!) 

I have searched so many DIY treatment and tried many things. I tried steaming method for 4 weeks and applied oils after but didn't see any changes on my skin. Then I tried oil cleaning method with hemp seed oil for 6 weeks but unfortunately made me breakout more and left my skin oily (I truly hoped it would work). 

Three months ago I started this new routin:

Morning routine:
I mixed 1:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar with filtered water (if you have a sensitive skin, use twice more filtered water. 1:2 ratio of ACV to water) in a spray bottle. In the morning, I wash my hands thoroughly (because bacteria is one of the common reasons for acne) and then i wash my face with warm water (a little too warm so it would open the pores) for about a minute. Then I dry my face off with tissues (I don't use towel because of bacteria being transferred to my face). Then spray my ACV toner on a cotton pad and whipe my face with it (you'll be amazed as the cotton pad turns gray due to the dirt and dead skin on the face!!!). Then I let it dry for 2 minutes and I apply my Elta Md sunscreen for acne prone face. I live in Florida so sunscreen is a must for me! I know it can be hard for some of you girls out there, but avoiding foundation helps acne to clear up so much easier because the foundation extremely clogges the pores. 

Night Routine: 
After washing my hands well, I wash my face with Shea Moister Africa black soap while using warm water. Pat dry my skin with tissues like the morning routine. Then I apply the same ACV toner with cotton pad. After it's completely dried, I cut a small piece from my aloe Vera leaf (you can purchase it from your local grocery store) and I rub the piece on my face, covering my face with its gel. Then, I rub my face till it feels like the gel is completely dried in your face. **don't forget to reastore the leaf in the refrigerator). Then I go to bed.

My face has cleared miraculously!! My scars are also fading away! For the past 3 weeks, I only had one or two tiny pimples around my chin! The ACV might make you breakout the first or the second week, but be patient because it's bringing deeper clogged pores to the surface!! I also noticed my skin tone evened out and my face is not oily anymore since the ACV balances the pH level. ^^One thing to remember, make sure you change your pillow cover often, since oil and bacteria can transfer easily to your skin!

one last thing, everything goes hand in hand. The routin by itself might not help as much. So make sure you eat healthy, drink good amount of water, sleep at least for 8 hout, and stick to the routine! 

Today I purchased a bottle of witch hazel to mix with ACV because I've heard it can give better results. I'll definitely update how that one goes...



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