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July 5, 2017 - 3 Weeks on Epuris



OH SH#$%T, I Picked… For a compulsive picker to say, “I will never pick/pop a pimple again” is probably lying. It takes a lot of time to break a habit especially when acne is painful and contains a lot of pressure that can be easily released with a squeeze. That being said, IT WAS THE WORST DECISION! Over the past week, I developed two cysts side by side on the right side of my forehead and the pressure was unbearable. I also had 2 cysts on my cheek that I have had for the past 2 weeks and they had finally surfaced. Knowing I shouldn’t, I still went ahead and popped the three. The ones on my cheeks have been healing fine, yes they are red, but the bumps are completely gone and there is no pressure which is nice. However, the one on my forehead has become infected and continues to puss. I have been putting nexcare patches on it to drain and will be applying polysporin to help shrink the infection and decrease redness. Stay tuned on my progress…

Dry, Flaky Skin… Each day, my face, lips and body become drier and moisturizer has become my best friend! I have been swimming in my salt water pool which doesn’t help with dryness, however it makes my skin less red but brings all the whiteheads to the surface. I have learned my lesson and will try my best not to pop them! 

Same products, new spot treatment… All products continue to remain the same however I purchased a spot treatment to help calm stubborn pimples. Lush Grease Lightning ($14.95 CAD) is great to help reduce redness and dry out the pimple even more. Its core ingredients are tea tree oil, aloe and witch hazel, 3 ingredients that help target redness. It is an all-natural product that I find has helped with the healing process.



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