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Today marks the finish of 2 full weeks on acne.org regime! So far, i like the results. To be fair, the first week i did the regime EXACTLY, then the second weeks i messed up a bit. I wore makeup, i washed my face in the middle of the day, i didn't do 10-12 hours apart etc. This third week I'm going to try to follow the regime exactly again.

IRRITATION STATUS: Almost every morning (not night, idk why) my skin feels super sensitive. It feels like i have a sunburn. That might be because of the cetaphil moisturizer, I'm wearing the acne.org one right now and my skin doesn't feel burnt... I'm going to start wearing the acne.org moisturizer.
THE FLAKINESS HAS ARRIVED. On my chin and around my mouth, and on my cheekbones by skin is patchy and flaky. This is only really noticeable if i wear makeup. Im going to try to stop wearing makeup and just let the moisturizer set in.
I haven't had much itchiness.

CLARITY STATUS: So, my forehead, nose, left cheek, and chin are all really clear. I had a breakout in the middle of last week but it cleared up fine and my skin is smooth, NO BUMPS AT ALL. As for my right cheek, (this cheek has always been  my worse side) i experienced a breakout last week, which then cleared up. This morning however, i can feel about 4-5 pimples underneath my skin. They are sensitive bumps and feel like the are going to turn into pimples. uh oh. 

So far I'm happy with the results as my skin has never stayed so clear, its always been really hard to get clear skin. I always have bumps on my forehead, or at least 1-2 pimples on each cheek with other pimples forming and like 1-2 on my chin. My acne scars are still pretty dark. my skin tone is still really red. I CANNOT WAIT TO USE THE AHA I WANT TO EXFOLIATE SO BAD. Can i start the AHA early?? I'm gonna research. also, i think I'm only going to update every week or so now. unless i feel like updating earlier. bye!


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