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DAY 13/14



Hey y'all
So my skin is finally starting to get dry and flake :) when i put on makeup i look scaley lol everyone keeps thinking i have a sunburn
my skin issue incredibly sensitive. i like don't want to smile because it burns. tomorrow i have to bump up bp sos I'm scared!!

PLUS SIDES; MY SKIN IS CLEAR!!! My breakouts cleared up and my skin has no pimples or bumps!! i think rn i just have to keep using BP until my skin gets used to it, stick through the irritation and dryness, and then wait for the 1 month mark to use the AHA. My skin is really red rn and i still have dark acne scaring. I'm hoping my face will stop getting so red, and the aha will be able to fade my scars. 

As of rn, I'm happy with the results. I strayed away from the regime ALOT this week, but its still working pretty good. Maybe ill start adding pics soon. anyway, idk if anyone reads these I'm just updating them for anyone who wants to know my experience during this, day by day. Also for myself to see my progress. I started with pretty mild to moderate acne. My skin on day 1 had pimples/ pimples under the skin on my cheeks and chin, and a bunch of bumps on my forehead. My acne would take weeks to actually form and be ready, but right now it seems like the regime really pulled them up to the surface and made them whiteheads and then dried them up. i can't feel any rising  to the surface. 

My skin cleared up pretty fast, but i still wouldn't say i have completely clear skin. My skin tone is all uneven and red and my scars are still dark and red. I pray for the day i don't have to wear foundation and my skin is even and pretty. ahh, so far I'm happy with the acne.org results. 2  more weeks until the AHA!!


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